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Neurasthenia shows that through human nerves more electricity flows and that nervous system is shaken because of lots of work. In your bathrooms there is a faucet for cold water and one for hot water. If you open only the faucet for the hot water, you will be burnt. If you open only the faucet for the cold water, you will catch a cold. You shall open both faucets simultaneously and you shall carefully try until the water becomes pleasant for washing. Cold water comes from the head and warm water – from the sympathetic nervous system. You shall close a little bit the faucet of exceeding knowledge and open the faucet of Love. Knowledge and Love form a nice combination. If you have rheumatism – open the faucet of Love. If your shoulder hurts – pat it, become to love it.

Purity is one of the conditions for good health, for mind and feelings.

In order to heal someone clomid Australia, we shall free him from all alien elements, from all sediments that have deposited in him.

To recover, a patient shall clean his blood by breathing fresh air, exposing his back to the sun and by eating clean, healthy food.

You shall start from small microscopic experiments and gradually go to big ones, to great experiments. This method is observed also in science and in healing: from small to big results.

There is whammy in the world. For example, when somebody looks at you, you start feeling not quite well, you get a headache. There are people, who if they look at a bull or a cow, it immediately gets ill. The reason for that is the powerful look, which that person has directed toward you or to an animal, and that look is due to the electricity that comes out of the eyes of that person, which you cannot assimilate and that affects badly your organism. There are grandmothers, who know how to treat curses of the evil eye on people in the simplest way: they take one good egg and break it on the forehead of the bull or of the cursed person and he pulls himself together. Egg cures by absorbing the excess energy. However, only that grandmother, who is a good conductor of that electricity, may heal. Her organism shall withstand the impacts that come out of the ill person. The same may be said about doctors. Many doctors treat patients, but few of them have good results in healing. A true doctor must be a clue, through which the disease may get out. The doctor shall take and give something to the patient.

Any discomfort, either physical, or mental, is treated either by a method similar to the reason that has caused it, or by a method opposite to the reason. For example, frozen hands and feet are treated by coldness, and not by warmth.

They are oiled with olive oil, because it absorbs the warmth in itself and thus relieves the body of the excessive energy that it has accepted by burning.

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