The Glorious Story of Online Pharmacies

There were times when people could not afford important drugs and struggled to find the best way to heal their wounds. There were times when patients had to break law in order to obtain some drugs. Those were dark times… Today, we live in a much better place. The internet made communications, commercializing, and marketing much easier and more accessible to smaller companies. Many independent smaller pharmacies compete in a free market against huge corporations and old established retail networks.

The Glorious Story of Online Pharmacies

The online market is a vast place where thousands of business try to fight for the attention from customers that like when they can purchase drugs for a low price and receive them in a timely manner. However, there are many problems with online pharmacies that we cannot ignore. While the history of pharmaceuticals sold via the internet is a story of a huge success celebrated by both manufacturers and customers, there are issues that we cannot overlook.

Due to the fact that there are simply too many companies and too many online pharmacies, choosing the most reliable company is hard. My Canadian Pharmacy Online has a noble purpose. We want to make sure that our visitors have an access to a wide variety of branded and generic drugs and purchase them without bothering with the quality. This is a very important service today. How did we end up with a situation when having a reliable advisor like My Canadian Online Pharmacy is imperative?

The Beginning

Just like any other domain, pharmaceutical industry was ruled by several huge corporations that dictated both pricing and distribution methods heavily limiting the access to their products. Due to various corporate policies employed by British Company or Roche, many patients could not receive drugs that they needed. Some could not afford them. Some simple could not purchase them anywhere. The problem with corporations is that they don’t care about people and shrink their ethics to a size of a walnut when it comes to providing something for free or for a lower price when bigger profits can be made.

This led to a very concerning situation specifically in North America. In 1998, Sildenafil AKA Viagra was released in USA after being approved by FDA. This was a drug that changed how men perceived their impotence. Before sildenafil, men believed that impotence is a sentence. However, Viagra changed that and men could use a modern medication to counteract one of the most concerning issues – erectile dysfunction.

One of the problems with the release was the price. The drug was dramatically overpriced and many people simply could not afford to use it. The saving grace was that the drug is a when-needed medication. Some men could purchase several pills and use them across the whole month. Nonetheless, for the vast majority of men this was not even close to an efficient solution.

The Arrival

In parallel with British Company, other companies studied sildenafil and tried to create drugs based on the compound. In 1998, FDA approved sildenafil and British Company started distributing it under the brand Viagra. In 2000s, a plethora of new PDE5 inhibitors arrived to the marker. Cialis and Levitra are most notable additions to the market. Three companies took a commanding position in the North American market and controlled the market for over a decade.

Within first 5 years after the sensational release of Viagra in USA, the world became accustomed not only with the term Viagra, but also with a looser term Viagra Professional. We obviously talk about generics of the drug that were developed by Indian and Turkish pharmaceutical companies and sold primarily in SEA region, Africa, and Europe. At that time, generics were less popular and people simple did not know much about them.

However, the reign of generic drugs was inevitable. There were distinct advantages to generics:

  • Due to lower administrative and operational expenses, manufacturers priced their generics democratically allowing more customers to afford them;
  • New marketing and distribution channels started to appear namely the internet and selling VIA mail which made shopping simpler;
  • The variety of dosages was much more versatile, Viagra Professional is available in various dosages including 25mg, 50mg, and even 100mg;
  • The competition created by generics forced many companies to rethink their pricing patterns and lower their prices.

This was the moment for the internet to step up. In 2007, we observed a rapidly growing market where many companies operated without any control and oversight. We decided to create a company that would follow a set of standards and ethics that could be defined as a “reliable and responsible service”. For over 10 years, we have been analyzing the market, searching for the best products, and testing them continuously in order to ensure that our customers enjoy the best service and effective medications.

The Sea of Information. The Sea of Issues

Many specialists and industry experts justly pointed out that many companies were highly unreliable and tried to sell expired drugs or fakes. At the same time, some manufacturers are definitely shadier than others. This means that many customers who purchase drugs online end up becoming victims to scams and irresponsible online merchants. This problem is why My Canadian Pharmacy became so popular amongst men all over the world.

Viagra is not a drug that can be substituted with a placebo zero-effect pill. However, some irresponsible sellers believe so and sell fakes to their clients. This makes the whole industry look bad. The issue with scams blossoms on the rich soil of oversaturation of information in the internet. We simply have too much information to handle and too many companies competing for top spots in search results. This means that many trash tier companies manage to break through and compromise the whole market.

My Canadian Pharmacy was created to filter out irresponsible retailers and search for the best products out there. We test all our products, inspect how the delivery works, ensure high quality customer support, and constantly renew our partnerships. Only by constantly processing data and analyzing it, we can stay afloat in the sea of information that is internet today.

Simultaneously, we help thousands of active internet users to filter out bad offers and search for the most profitable and efficient deals without compromising quality. You can pick from a wide assortment of offers and enjoy regular bonuses, seasonal deals, and promotions including free shipments, free consultations, and reliable customer support.

Online Shopping VS Land Based Pharmacies

Various studies show that in USA only people save up to 80% by purchasing drugs and their generic versions online. On average, customers save about 65% on each deal. Before the internet, people started using international mail to purchase drugs from Thailand, India, Turkey, and other countries. Many smart people purchased drugs in Mexico for personal usage. Some US citizens purchase drugs in Canada where pharmaceuticals slightly cheaper on average. Canadians often can use online pharmacies freer than Americans.

Shopping online is much easier. If you need Viagra Professional, check various options at My Canadian Pharmacy Online and enjoy your right choice!

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