Pharma-News: Toxicomania and Sexuality

The synthetic dope LSD (the dietil-amide of the lysergic acid), discovered by accident, has hallucinogenic effects and of loss of the time and space notion, of hyper-suggestion close to hypnosis and leads to the annihilation of the will and the self-control. The LSD has been tried as a therapeutical mean in certain psychoses and psychoneuroses, but with disputable results. Toxicomania and Sexuality

Taking into account the poisonous actions of the LSD, including the possibility to determine chromosomal anomalies because it crosses the placenta’s barrier and also the fact that it is four thousand times more powerful than the synthetic narcotics as mescaline and psylocilbine, the LSD represents an individual danger also on social plan, even though some authors attributes it certain aphrodisiac properties.

The cocaine, extracted from the coca tree (erytroxylan-coca) and consumed by the aborigines through the practice of chewing the coca clot, if at the beginning of its administration, it has a reassuring effect and euphoric, with the apparition of the sensation of escape from the surrounding environment, in the following phase, after restoring the state of conscience, it installs a state of heat and deep sleep. Its effects over the sexual behavior consist in a growth of the erotic fantasies with obscene content.

L. Lewin specifies that: “the erotic desires are amplified but the sexual functions are weakened”. The amphetamines and their derivations (metylphenidate, phenmetrasine) are stimulators of the central nervous system and of the psyche. Amphetaminomania, if at the beginning it determines a more extended erection with the delay of the orgasm, after a few weeks of absorption of the drug, the toxicomaniac declares that he became totally incapable to have a libido and erections. Used intravenously, the amphetamine trains a general erotizing of the body, in which the procreation loses any interest (metaeroticism).

Generally, it can be said that, at the greatest part of the toxicomaniacs, the drug facilitates the regression of the sexual behavior toward an infantile sexuality; the subject takes refuge into a primary narcissism with the predominance of an oral erotic fixation and cutaneous. The installation of the pharmaco-addiction at the drugs used by some young has fatal effects over their health. The drug destroys the self-confidence in their own value, with the impossibility to come out from a state of infantile addiction and a lack of active engagement with the embrace of some objector reactions and provocative.

The use of the drug delays the development of the psychic and psycho-sexual personality of the young and induces him a depressive and self-destructive behavior. At toxicomaniacs, it appears extended conflict reactions, affective instability, depressive neuroses, and the reduction of the capacity to rationalize and self-retributive tendencies and of suicide. In conclusion, the drug only cheats the hopes of the toxicomaniac regarding his sexual potency, in return it leads him surely to physical and psychic degradation.

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